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Questions About Google Transit

What is Google Transit?

Google Transit is designed to help transit riders find their way from points A to B in and around San Benito County.  All you need to do is put in where you are starting and ending, date, and time and Google Transit gives you three trip options to choose from. To learn more about Google Transit, click here

How to use the Google Transit?

Google Transit can be accessed either at or at

1. Enter the starting location by street address, intersection, business name or landmark.

2. Enter the destination by street address, intersection, business name or landmark.

3. Choose either “Depart at” or “Arrive by.”

4. Enter the date and time of travel.

5. Click on “Get Direction."

If public transit is available, it will give you three or four options available. You choose one that best fits your need and details will be provided along with a map. You may also use the "Street View” feature see where the stop is exactly.

Detailed instructions are avialable in English and Spanish!

What if I get incorrect, misleading, or confusing trip plan?

If you trip plan appears to be incorrect, misleading or confusing, there can be several reasons. You can do any of the following:

County Express tries its hardest to provide accurate schedule and route information for Google Transit. Please see the Google's Terms and Conditions for Google Transit for using Google Transit.

Are there other public transit schedules available on Google Transit?

Yes. There are hundreds of public transit agencies schedules world-wide available on Google Transit. The following is a list of nearby public transit agencies that have their schedules on Google Transit.

Is Google Transit available on mobile phones?

Yes. Google Transit is a feature of Google Maps and is free. This feature is available on many mobile platforms and phones. See Google Maps for Mobile for more information.

Does County Express have its own mobile application?

No. However, there are numerous mobile applications that are dedicated to planning public transit trips. Many of them are free or available to download at a small cost to you. This includes, but not limited to, the following:

These are a few of the available mobile applications that are currently available. Listing these mobile applications does not mean that County Express endorses any of these mobile applications.

Is County Express’ General Transit Specification Feed (GTSF) publicly available?

County Express schedules, stop locations, route alignments, fares, and service calendars are available to download at GTSF Data Exchange and Google Transit Data Feed.

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